Water Use Licence Applications

Water Use Authorizations is required in terms of Section 40 of the National Water Act. The Water Use Licence process consist of 3 distinct processes, namely:

  • The Water Use Licence Application, a document that contains all the completed Licence Application Forms (the DW forms), an copy of the receipt and other required documents (Title deeds, copies of Identity Documents and relevant agreements), as well as the Section 27 motivation.
  • The Technical Supporting Document. Depending on the specific water use applied for, this techincal supporting document have a different format, containing different information. This may be as simle as a Section 21(a) application, or as complex as a Section 21(f), (g) or (c)/(i) application. Frequently, there are more water uses relevant, that need to be addressed in one document, at the same time defining the impact that the various water uses may have on other water users in the area. This document may include an EIA or Scoping section, and ERA (Environmental Risk Assessment), Cost Benefit Analysis, Monitoring and Management Plans and Strategies, and should be in line with the regional Catchment Management Plan. Also known as Integrated Water Resource Management Plans or Integrated Water and Waste Management Plans.
  • The Water Use Licence and Technical Motivation document. While this is normally completed by the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, lack of resources frequently result in delays. By compiling these documents as per the departments requirements, another hurdle is crossed in the issuence of a Water Use Authorization.

Whether required to facilitate the whole process, or just assist in either one of these processes, MENCO have considerate experience in all these facets of Water Use Licencing.

Example of completed projects

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