Monitoring Plans: Ground and Surface Water

While the development of a Monitoring Plan normally is done as part of the EIA, WULA or EMPR process, it is sometimes required to reveiw or update, or even entirely redo the monitoring plans. In the case of the DWAF project (the Biological Remediation of the Hartbeespoort dam), it was required to review all available monitoring plans in the Hartbeespoortdam catchment, and compile an Integrated Water Monitoring Plan to co-ordinate these plans to allow the optimal extraction of information and to minimise costs. It is surprising how various monitoring plans is inadequate to define the groundwater or surface water environment, to detect impacts early, measure for the correct variables, or even to minimise costs. While the reasons for this are numerous, it is reasuring to know that MENCO have both the cabability, and experience to develop adequate monitoring plans.

Example of completed projects

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