MENCO is built on the fundamental environmental principles of assisting our clients in conservation, protection, mitigation and management of natural resources when utilizing these resources in an economical sustainable manner.

Of all of our natural resources, water is a key element in the complex array of environmental manageable components. Especially in the field of water management, shared water resources must be managed by all users to ensure sustainable and equitable water use for all. With the continuous changes affecting the development of the country, its people and the environment, water management requires special attention.

A challenging environment has been created for South African business to exist in. This is due to environmental legislation attempting to increase environmental awareness whilst striving to regulate and improve current environmental practices, a fluctuating monetary exchange rate, as well as pressure from the international trading community.

With the above in mind, MENCO is able to assist business with a pro-active and transparent environmental management strategy.


MENCO provides vision, experience, expertise, management solutions and creative thinking. With legislation focusing on integrated environmental management, our approach to this issue together with integrated process optimization and waste minimization is proving to be more economically and environmentally friendly, allowing for a definite preference to prospective customers, regulating authorities as well as surrounding stakeholders.

MENCO has extensive experience in environmental and legislation management, as well as a practical understanding of mining and industrial requirements, and their associated problems and challenges.

New and Existing operations with historic problems benefit from our identification and classification programs as MENCO is able to prioritise current and potential problem areas and then develop and implement a cost effective Environmental Impact Minimisation and Management Strategy. MENCO facilitates the development and approval of the requisite technical documentation to support permit and licence applications.

MENCO is associated with various specialists in the environmental field and can provide specialist input on almost any environmental issue or concern to provide the most efficient and cost effective management strategy.